Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ten blue balloon weights standing on my table......


Once again, I haven't blogged for a few days, I really must make more of an effort!

Ok, so to go over what I mentioned in my last blog, I didn't end up going to Salsa on Wednesday night because my dance partner had to work late and I was pooped cos my darling boy had been up since 5.30am, I went to the Psychic night only to find by the time we got there it had finished, and I haven't made my Dad's birthday card yet!!! So not much went to plan really!

What I have been doing over the weekend is a bit of baking. It's my brother in laws birthday tomorrow (star wars day, May the 4th - husband's joke, not funny!) and he has a bit of a sweet tooth so decided to make him some yummy treats! I made some millionaires shortbread, some flapjack and some gingerbread (it's cake but in the Bero book it's called bread). I then put them in an old Maltesers bucket which I wrapped in blue foil paper to make them all pretty. Here's the pictures of them.

I have also been gearing up for my dads 60th birthday party of which I am chief organiser. Tonight I have been mostly wrestling with foil wrapping paper making balloon weights (hence the title of the blog!) Actually I'm quite impressed with them, I think they have turned out pretty well if I do say so myself! Here is an example of one......

Righty ho, I reckon I'm off to bed. We have had a lovely family day out today at Kielder but all the walking has got me pooped!

Just to mention, my next mission is to learn to knit. I have got me some knitting needles and am gonna go round to my mother in laws armed with them this week! Progress report on this current crafty fad to come!!