Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bad Bad Me!!!

Hiya All,

Yes I am still alive!!

I know , it has been soooooo long since I last blogged. I have no excuses, no illness that left me at deaths door, I just couldn't be arsed to sit and type... terrible i know.... but hey ho, that's how I get occasionally.

I haven't left all crafty things aside, in fact I have been doing quite a few crafty things. Pics of which are here.
There has been fairy cake making with my son, lots of card making, sewing a set of 3 cupcake felt trinket boxes and making a bracelet, which I think I have made too big so is probably best worn as an anklet.

I have also been knitting and sewing. 1st project being a scarf, this is mainly cos I can cast on and knit, but not sure how to cast off... maybe this will be an everlasting scarf! Heehee!!
I have sewed a cross stitch card that my mum had stashed away, and I knew my mum wouldn't get round to doing it so I said I would. I kinda cocked it up by sewing it too near to the edge so my sis in law kindly took it away and made into a wonderful card, see before and after pics......

So, what else have I been up to for nearly a month and a half.. well my Dad's 60th birthday party went really well. Everyone loved the cake made by my friends Jayne who has her own website. Everyone also loved my idea for party bags which contained sweets from my Dad's childhood. Overall top success!!

When I went home (back to Doncaster) for the party I finally got my lovely huge parcel of card making treats from my crafty friend Claire. They are totally fab! There was that much stuff that I went halfers with my sis in law who is also into making cards cos I knew I would never use it all and I like to share the joy! Claire also had a giveaway on her blog page a few months ago and I won, amongst other things, a violet brooch that she made. Here it is in its new home on my favourite hat!

It has also been my birthday, for which I got the crafty bits that I mentioned before. I templated the trinket pots so i will be able to make some more. I have already bought more felt and have decided to sew buttons on the top instead of the pompoms as they were a tad fiddly.

Other things going on... hmm.. went on my sons first school trip. That was fun spending a day with 30 3 and 4 year olds!! Actually I quite enjoyed it. I'm determined to do as much as I can with the kids while I don't have a job (still looking just bugger all in the current economic climate!) We spent a day at a country park which has a place called the House of Objects, basically a place that is trying to teach the kids all about recycling and re using things. They made things out of bits of wire, clay, old cardboard and wood, oh, and had a whale of a time playing outside in the ponds and streams which are specially made for them to play in, although it was a mammoth task getting all of them out their wet clothes and ready for lunch!! After lunch we went for a long walk and it was obvious that a lot of the kids were tired, well, they are only used to being a nursery for half the day, and quite a few fell asleep on the bus on the way home!

And I think that is about it. Things happening in the next few days. I'm going to Leeds for my ex bosses leaving do. I'm so looking forward to it as its not often I get time on my own. I'm driving down to Doncaster then getting a lift from Doncaster to Leeds with one of my old workmates, but she has to be back at work in Doncaster for half 8 in the morning, so I have booked myself a train ticket so can go back at my leisure, I can hear Harvey Nics calling!!!

Right, I best be off as I have for the last week been going to bed after midnight and I need to get some sleep before the night out on Thursday because I am very out of practise!!

Have Fun!!