Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Candles, candles and more candles!!

Hi everyone,

I'm very aware that I have been quite lax with my blog this past week, probably because I have been very lax with my crafting!

No reason for this, just the day to day toll of having 2 small children!

So what's happened since last Wednesday, well, I went to my weekly Salsa class last wednesday evening. We were all gearing up to shaking our bootays down at the Toon's one and only Salsa club on Saturday night - class outing. I was really looking forward to it, but once Saturday came I got vertigo (dam my dodgy ears!). I tried everything to get rid but by 5pm I gave up and called my friend to say I wouldn't be going. Boy, was I not a happy bunny... just ask my husband!

Anyway, there was a slight upside to me not going out on Saturday night, I wasn't so exhausted that I could get up and go to the local car boot with R and the kids.

It was a beautiful morning, so much so that I think everyone else in the North Tyneside area had the same idea, either selling or buying!

Having watched Kirsty on Thursday evening I was inspired to look for all things to do with candles. I found some lovely colourful glass tealight holders selling for 20p each or all 9 for £1, so I bought them all. I also found a lovely set of 6 cup and saucers that cost £3. I'm not sure whether I want to go with my original thought and make them into little candles or keep the set for myself as it is so pretty, although I havent really got anywhere to display it so candles I think it will be! Here are pics of the 2 purchases!

I also purchased 5 small scented candles and some big plain ones to melt down to add to my collection of old candles R found under the bed! To semi quote a line from Disney's The Incredibles, we have now officially moved in because the box of candles hadn't been unpacked since we moved here over 3 years ago! The alchemy may take place this weekend!

Hopefully, I will be also making some cards this week too as it's my dads 60th birthday coming up, but I've just been thinking, I'm not gonna have a chance to make any until Friday now, as it's Salsa tomorrow night and Thursday I'm going with my 2 sis in laws to a psychic night at a local pub... that should be interesting! I will report all in my next blog!



  1. pretty cups! keep them as cups!!!!

    A box of goodies for you have arrived at your sisters if she hasn't already told you!

  2. i know they are pretty, but i havent got anywhere to put them, as you will soon find out when bub arrives!!

    Yeah i have been informed bout the goodies... ta very muchly missus!!