Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Summers here!!! (well kinda......)

Hello everyone!!!

The sun is high in the sky which puts me in a very good mood!! Not a lot of crafting getting done, but still....

Im still revelling in the fact that after 2 looong weeks off nursery my son finally went back yesterday - hurray!! I can finally get stuff done in the house without him pestering me. Once I have caught up with all the cleaning I may even get round to making a card or two!

The last couple of days have been spent thinking about what other crafty projects I could get started. One idea has been to buy some calico bags off ebay and either dye them and sew designs on them or just leave them plain and sew and stick things on them. I hope no one out there already does this as i'm not one for plagerism, so let me know if you know of anyone!!

This is one thing that I can be doing while waiting to obtain a sewing machine as the designs can be hand sewn. Think tomorrow afternoon may be spent at the local haberdashers purchasing some coloured thread as the only colour we have in the house is black... not very exciting at all!

Right peeps, I'm off to water the tomatoes that are sat on our kitchen window sill... i dont know why they aren't in the greenhouse as it has been hotter out there for the past couple of days, but think the husband (R from now on) said something about it getting very cold at night so they have to stay in the house. I hope all the other stuff he has planted (potatoes, carrots and spring onions) survives. We are hoping to grow most of the veg we need this year. Last year we had carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, and of course herbs, but this year we are looking to add lettuce, courgettes, brocoli, pumkins and chillis. Fingers crossed....

Righty ho, toodle pip!!


  1. Hey, no mention of me in this post!

    OOOOO! get you going all 'the good life' on us. Who'd of thought it?! ;)

  2. See i dont mention you in every post!! why? do you want me to?? heehee.....
    Its not really me going all good life... its R, but im not against the idea of getting free veg!!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming one of my followers lol. I shall add you to my list, looking forward to seeing all the great things you make xx