Sunday, 19 April 2009

A Quiet Weekend

Hi all,

Well, as the title says, it's been a quiet one. I have just been trying think what I have done this weekend and actually can't quite remember!

Saturday did a few hum drum things, went to the local farm shop to buy the veggies, (much better than getting them from the supermarket!) D loves seeing the cows and the farm spaniel. I must admit I love the dog too and am gonna kidnap it one day!! *8O)

Today has just been a lazy one as the weather has been quite pleasant for oop north. D played in the garden most of the day and even E had a go on the swing, although as soon as I put her on the grass to crawl around she wanted up, I think the feel was all a bit alien to her, not the usual carpet!

This evening I have been making a few of the massive list of cards I have to make.
The one in the picture above is for my husbands male cousin. Yes I know its a shoe, I was asked to make a girlie card for him as my husband received a 3 year old one for his last birthday, wow I wish I was that funny!

Anyways, I also made a 50th card for our neighbour, one for my brother in law and one for a friend. You can see the pics here.

The two cards that are similar have been made using some lovely retro paper that i first came across when my crafty friend Claire sent me a note on a piece. I asked her where she got it from and she couldn't remember, so I trawled Ebay and came across a stack in a sale, bargain!

Me and my sis in law (who is also a bit crafty, has a degree in fashion knitwear!) had a bit of a brain storming sesh on Friday and came up with a list of things we would like to try and make. Unfortunately I have to wait til I can liberate my mums sewing machine, which is gonna be at least 2 weeks now. I'm raring to go so may have to have a go at hand stitching a few items, not sure what yet tho, suggestions greatfully received!!

Righty ho, must go finish my cuppa, pack my stuff away (I need a dedicated craft room!!) and go bed as the car need to be at the garage early in the morning.... oh the joys!!



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  2. LOL! wish I was *that* funny too! ;)
    I'm enjoying seeing your cards! Box of stuff for you is somewhere in Donny!!! Hmmm. wonder how many times you can mention me in your blog? ;)