Thursday, 16 April 2009

Kirsty's homemade home

Well I'm back for my 2nd more indepth post!

I wasn't really sure what to write but after stumbling upon Kirsty's homemade home on Channel 4 tonight I have plenty to ramble on about!

Having said I stumbled upon it, I had seen it advertised, meant to put it in the Sky planner, then after a weekend away the Sky went off and had to be replaced with the bright and shiny new Sky+, I completely forgot about it!

Anyways, I digress (as I probably will alot throughtout my posts!), the program was full of lovely stuff. Especially Cath Kidston. I love her stuff...mostly the floral and stars. It makes me laugh, as when I was growing up my mum loved all things chintz and I always hated it, it just goes to show that at some point we all turn into our mothers!

I loved the glass blowing and pottery, I always fancied trying my hand at different arts, but that's probably the Gemini in me, always flitting from one thing to another. I've looked into jewellery making and learning to be a silver smith before, but it has only ever been looking and never acting upon it.

I'm definitely going to try my hand at making some cushion covers tho, once I have either purchased a sewing machine or liberated my mums from her! Watch this space for pictures!

Also, once I acquire a sewing machine, I am going to try my hand at making a shoe bag for my daughter for nursery. I won a giveaway on my friends crafty blog and along with a lovely viola brooch, she sent me some easter material with chicks on and some ribbon so I'm going to use those, once again watch this space for pics!

Righty ho, I think I have probs rambled enough for now.

If you want to see my crafty attempts from the past few months please see my flickr page here. Please forgive me if the pics aren't as organised as they should be, as I'm just getting to grips with that too... so much to learn!!!


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